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What are the Audio Capabilities of the Studio?

Here is a quick outline of the audio capabilities of Local Music Rocks:


- There are 2 methods for recording the audio:  Ambient micing or Line Feed.

Ambient recording will be done by micing up drum kit and amps separately,

Line feeds can be done straight to the mixer.


- We have a 6 channel mixer, and can support all 6 channels. Note, if 6th channel is used,

then interviews will be conducted on a microphone being used by the band (preferable

lead singer if any)


- LMR has access to 4 microphones, it is best to bring your mics if you have any.


-  We have no monitors or PA system.  This is important for vocals if they choose to

patch into the mixer instead of using amp, or to have an amp for vocals as well.


-  We can take a feed direct from an amp line out, if supplied with a patch cable that

goes to XLR patch bay input.