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FAQs for Bands coming on LMR

Is the show live?  No, but we record as if it were live (no breaks, edits, or outtakes)

When will it be on tv?  Westford will air it beginning the first of the month (ex: if you played in August, you’ll air beginning September 1st), other stations stagger their dates a bit but most give you about a month of airtime.(you can find the list of stations on our site)

Do we get a copy?
  Of course! I'll send one to you and you're free to give out copies to your band mates, friends, etc.  It'll arrive about 10-14 days after we tape it.

Can we sell it?  Nope, it's against local access rules, but give it away all you like.

What about the internet?  We'll post it on google and link it to our site once the show's tv run ends.  You are free to post your songs on your own site, youtube, etc. just be sure to give us credit. :-)